15 Fictional Films of UPI FTV FTV Study Program Students on Display

Bandung, UPI

Film and Television Study Program FPSD UPI held film exhibition and screening (4/1/21). The events, set during covid-19 pandemic, were held on the behalf of semester’s final examination of FTV’s students. Maintaining the health protocol, the events were carried out in blended studies method where 50 percent of students as their group representative had the exam on the spot (in campus) and 50 percent rest online. This method was selected due to the practical learning process was deemed to be hardly presented in online. The examination accommodated simultaneously 5 subjects including Video and Sound Editing, Lighting, Artistic, Script Writing, and Psychology of Communication.

This examination process took place in several stages, including: film screening, presentation of scripts and poster exhibition. There were 15 fiction film works examined therein, and these works were the result of one semester lecture, examined and evaluated by Dedi Warsana, M,Sn., Irwan Sarbeni, M.Sn., Dipl.-Kunst Erik M Pauhrizi, M.Sch, Dr. Harry Tjahjodiningrat, M.Pd, Iwan Gunawan, M.Sn., and Salsa Solli Nafsika, M.Pd. Joko kurnaen, M.Sn.

FTV is a new study program, and this exam was the prime collective exam and evaluation for 3rd semester students who are the first batch. By these events, it is hoped that from the beginning of the learning program, FTV can prepare aspiring filmmakers who can compete in the Indonesian and global film and television industry. In principle, this events aimed to test students’ arguments in defending the concept of their work based on the research they have conducted and theories.

This event was also attended by Nia Dinata, an Indonesian film director and film maker who rightly appreciated this event. Nia hoped that through such these events there will emerge young filmmakers who can compete in national and international level of cinema.

On this occasion, FTV also discussed several collaborations that may be carried out with PT. Kalyana shira film, which is a production house currently producing a hits film made by Nia Dinata. The collaboration which will take place is going to discuss film production activities, such as grip preparation, location sets to workshops with the ICS (Indonesian Cinematographer Society) in 2021. Nia also hoped that there will res/ult many activities which can be collaborated with the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, especially FTV Study Program in the near future. (Heri Udo)