Bandung, UPI

FPBS UPI’s third International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education or the third ICOLLITE was recently held on Thursday, 24th of October 2019 at the Harris Hotel and Convention, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung. The conference featured three keynote speakers and six featured speakers from different countries, and it was also attended by more than 185 presenters and participants from various institutions. This 3rd ICOLLITE raised the theme “Bridging Literacies, Culture and Society towards Education 4.

The plenary session was filled by the talks of the keynote speakers. The first speaker, Prof. Kyung Sung Kim, Ph.D., is a professor at the Seoul National University of Education. His expertise is in the field of educational psychology, and he currently teaches the Society of Korean Primary Counseling Education at SNUE. In the plenary session, he delivered a talk about teachers’ roles for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The second speaker of the plenary session, delivering her paper about teacher scholars as adaptive experts is Prof. Rosna Awang-Hashim, Ph.D. She is a motivation scientist and an educational psychologist at the School of Education, Universiti Utara Malaysia and the Editor-in-Chief of the Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction.

The last speaker of the session is Prof. Riswanda Setiadi, Ph.D. from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. He is a professor in French Language Education, and his expertise includes French literacy, translation and writing. In this 3rd ICOLLITE, he presented his paper entitled “Sociocultural Intervention Strategy for Primary Literacy Teaching”.

The conference continued with panel sessions with the six featured speakers, with the parallel and roundtable sessions with presenters from various field of studies afterwards. The conference was expected to bring together academic scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share their thoughts and innovations to face the challenges in the 4th Industrial Revolution. (Text and photo: Tara Devina Putri)