Closing Ceremony of UPI Culinary Camp 2019: International Students Learn Sundanese Culture and Cuisine at UPI


The UPI Culinary Camp 2019 Closing Ceremony took place at the Partere Building UPI, Friday, 29th November 2019.

The camp was organized from 24th November to 1st December 2019. The participants were 16 International students from 12 countries, namely Mexico, East Timor, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korean, Philippine, Ghana, Malaysia, China, and Nigeria. For a week all the participant learned about Sundanese culture and cuisine.

The seven day series of events were filled with a variety of activities i.e. UPI campus tour and visiting National Education Museum, learning Sundanese cuisine with Catering Industry Management Program (MIK) students, Cross Culture Understanding session and discussion, a field trip to Floating Market Lembang, an industrial visit to a Dodol (traditional sweets) factory in Garut, an excursion to Sabda Alam Swimming Pool, classes of Sundanese traditional arts and music with KABUMI, a Student Activity Unit (UKM) at UPI.

Some of the thank you remarks were delivered by the Head Catering Industry Management Program (MIK) Dr..Dewi Turgarini, S.S., MM.Par and also from Irfan as a representative of KABUMI. They extended their gratitude to all the participants who had attended and participated in the program for a week.

“This is the best camp that I’ve ever joined. Here we learned Sundanese culture, now because we are in Bandung we learned their heritage, about their food and culture. It was an amazing experience and an excellent way of building friendship all around the world.” Said one of the participant Claudia Patricia Chavarria Carrillo form Mexico.

“UPI Culinary Camp 2019 was an amazing experience that I’ve ever had. I am glad that I can be part of this event.” added Xia Yingxian from China.

The event was also filled with Angklung (Sudanese traditional music instruments) performances from UPI Culinary Camp participants who performed several songs accompanied by KABUMI members.

“We’ve learned about Sundanese cuisine and culture, Sundanese people have a very rich culture. I am really enjoying myself here and I hope I have another opportunity to come in here again.” said Cletus Solomon from Ghana.

The closing ceremony ended with the symbolic awarding of certificates and tokens of appreciation from the Office of International Affairs (OIER) of UPI and the Catering Industry Management Program (MIK) for all the participants and Sahabat OIER. (Ghina Aulia Saffanah)