Evaluation Report from AQAS Team for Faculty of Economic and Business Education UPI

Bandung, UPI

On Thursday, (5/3) 2020, the AQAS accreditation finally comes to an end with an evaluation report located at Isola Building meeting room. The meeting attended by the Director of UPI Prof. Dr. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si., senior management of UPI, faculty management, teaching staff of the four study programme of Faculty of Economics and Business, alongside AQAS assessors. 

The meeting opened by Prof. Dr. Ellen Roemer, giving her highest appreciation to everyone involved in the accreditation scheme, especially the Faculty of Economics and Business Education UPI. It is not easy to get a visit from the AQAS assessor, which has taken up to 1 year of preparation time. To invite the International Accreditation Agency from Germany, Dr. Nandi, as the head committee had to travel around Germany to look for an agency that was relevant to the characteristics and academic culture of UPI. 

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Ellen Roemer highlighted some of the general points of assessment and insights for improvements. She highly appreciated in how UPI and the FPEB team prepare the documents for the evaluation and their hospitality during the accreditation process. She later carried on discussing the general points regarding the Tridharma motto that is an essential thing for an educational institution to have for sustainability. Another positive aspect that mentioned by Prof. Dr. Ellen Roemer is the long tradition and education that UPI has and the pedagogical status making it one of a kind. She also stated that many graduates of FPEB UPI pursue their careers in companies, which means that FPEB UPI has a good network for channelling their graduates. 

The main issue that is raised by Prof. Dr. Ellen Roemer was on the aspect of internationalization. Regarding the learning modules and curriculum that need to be revised more frequently to adapt to current topics, English language usage is the key. She also stated that we need to have the same understanding of the term internationalization that UPI has to go beyond Asian borders. Another essential thing that UPI must consider is that learning outcome can be used as a strategic tool. Revising the modules or curriculum and adapt to the current curriculum by using digital software as tools. 

The Vice President UPI of Research, Partnerships, and Business Prof. Dr. H. Didi Sukyadi, M.A. added, “This AQAS accreditation equals to national accreditation, and this is very important for UPI to maintain quality”. 

AQAS and experts will report the final assessment draft for FPEB UPI in Mid-April and expected in May the accreditation will be finalized and later posted on AQAS official website on June 2020. (Muhammad Azka Muharam)