Fablab Edu UPI was visited by the LUPIC Coordinator from South Korea

A visit to the UPI Edu Fabrication Lab (Fablab) was carried out by the coordinator of the Leading University Project for International Cooperation (LUPIC), Prof. WonKoo Lee from Sogang University, South Korea, on December 18 2023. The aim of the visit was to check the implementation of equipment procurement assistance provided by the South Korean Government to Fablab Edu UPI. In his direction, Prof. WonKoo Lee expressed his satisfaction with the equipment provided by Fablab Edu UPI and hoped that it could improve the quality of science education, especially chemistry education in Indonesia.

He also hopes that Fablab Edu can be used by students, teachers and the wider community, so that it can provide greater benefit value. It was further stated that Fablab Edu UPI would be used as a model for establishing Fablabs at Semarang State University (UNNES) and Ganesha Education University (UNDIKSA) which together with UPI received assistance from the South Korean government through the LUPIC program. During a visit to the UPI Edu Fablab, Prof. WonKoo Lee accompanied by Prof. Jin Seok Lee from Hanyang University Korea, who has a lot of experience in making artificial organs using Fablab 3D Printer equipment and also present Dr. Cepi Kurniawan from UNNES.

Triannisa, person in charge (PIC) for Fablab Edu equipment procurement, stated that the number of tools that had been purchased was 21 tools consisting of 3D Printer filament and resin, CNC laser cutting, 3D scanner, UV printer and vinyl cutting with funds totaling around 750 million rupiah. . Triannisa further stated that with the Fablab equipment, students would be able to create more realistic three-dimensional media. This will increase students’ understanding of the abstract concepts they are studying. Apart from that, with the Fablab, students can realize the creative ideas they have thought of and can develop and build an entrepreneurial spirit.

Triannisa further stated that Fablab Edu was the first Fablab in Indonesia which was founded at universities with the main mission of preparing professional teachers. Fablab equipment based on digital technology will make it easier for teachers to create tools/media for learning. This is important for pre-service teacher to know and master these facilities. [TR]