Hallo Bandung Netherland Amateur Radio Fair 2020


The Head of Public Relations Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Prof. Dr. H. Deni Darmawan, S.Pd., M. Si., MCE, was representing UPI to attend the opening of the Hallo Bandung Netherland Radio Fair 2020. The event held in Gedong Sabilulunganand Studi Malabar (13/3/2020). The event attended by the Regent of Bandung district, the board of local government of Bandung district, and several figures of the struggle of Radio Gunung Puntang back in the era of the Physical Revolution of the Dutch and Japan colonization. Representing the government of Indonesia, the Deputy of Institutional Relation Prof. Dr. H. Dadan Wildan, M. Si was also present.

The event held as a form of responsibility of the Gunung Puntang Radio community along with the Regent of Bandung District in commemoration of the 97 years of Indonesian-Dutch Historical Communication through Malabar radio station-Puntang with the radio koottwijk-Dutch. Based on historical records, the Malabar radio station was build in 1917 by Dr. Ir. Cornelis Johannes de Groot, an electrical engineer from Karlsruhe, Germany. The Malabar radio station is the first communication media that can reach across continents. The Malabar radio station was established to connect Dutch and Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) directly and wirelessly during World War I.

For the heroes of independence, this radio station was a threat in the struggle to reach Indonesia’s independence. Thus, at the end of 1946, coinciding with the Bandung Lautan Api event, the Malabar station was destroyed so that the Dutch could not use it. Through this event, the government and the elements of the community want to strengthen and advance the pattern of relations between Indonesia and the Dutch. Through the Hallo Bandung Netherland program, the Netherlands must care for Indonesia until Indonesia becomes a developed country. (YS)