Bandung, UPI

“I express my utmost gratitude to my parents, all lecturers of Accounting Study Program from the Faculty of Economics and Business Education (FPEB) UPI, my friends and the committee of Most Outstanding Students Award (Pilmapres) UPI 2019 who have stayed by my side to support and cheer me, as well as prayed for me over the course of the event. I was very grateful when I saw my name listed as the 3rd winner of UPI Most Outstanding Student. I have to say that everyone who was involved in this process is amazing. I hope this victory could motivate myself and everyone around me.”

Muhamad Naufal, a 2016 batch student from Accounting Study Program FPEB UPI expressed his feelings after knowing the result of Pilmapres UPI 2019 on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at Lavender Meeting Room, Isola Resort, Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229 Bandung.

“I have never imagined that I could ever be an outstanding student, let alone a winner,” he said. “I wasn’t really sure about it, because I thought it would be hard to go through it.”

“One time my friend Mahesa asked me to join the most outstanding students selection on the level of the study program. Then I passed to the faculty level to represent my study program. I won second place in 2018. Since then, I’ve came to realize my potentials and I want to keep developing myself. Now I manage to win third place on University level in 2019.”

“I’ve gone through a great struggle to get to this point,” he recalled. “I had to run around bringing files up and down the stairs, I had to revise my scientific paper, and many other preparations. It was very exhausting. The lecturers of Accounting Study Program and FPEB education staff also worked hard to prepare everything. The hard work and sincere effort from everyone have successfully made me an outstanding student.”

“I felt all sorts of mixed emotions when I went through the quarantine and selection process on the university level. However, as time went by, things got better. We could laugh together, we shared knowledge and discussed a lot of things with each other,” he concluded. (dodiangga)