Student Organization Secretary Forum 2021 at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

A secretary has an important role to help the chairman to do his job. To be a secretary is not easy. You have to be nimble, careful, good at communicating, and confident; furthermore, you have to be patient and considerate in managing your time. You have to do your job quickly but carefully. Do not let your negligence at work make you lose your job. A secretary must have pressure at work because her work is quite difficult.

(Sunday, September 12th, 2021). The Ministry of Secretary BEM REMA cabinet carried out a Student Organization Secretary Forum (FSO) and this event has the theme “Secretary Hacks to Help Your Work in Pandemic Era”.  “This event was carried out as a meeting place between the secretaries of student organizations at UPI”, said Andjani Putri from Accounting Education major as a Chief Executive on this event. This event was also carried out to share about bureaucracy and how to manage a household at UPI.

Student Organization Secretary Forum (FSO) was attended by Mrs. Shindy Diah Ayu Lestari, S.IP., M.Hub.Int., as a personal secretary of Governor of West Java, Dr. H. Moch. Ridwan Kamil, S.T., M.U.D.  Many people outside UPI asked the committee to make the event accessible to the general public because Mrs. Shindy was a speaker. At first, FSO was attended by the Secretary of Student Organization, Secretary of Student Activity Units, and Secretary Organization from Regional Campus; however, the event was to be attended by many people outside the university. The participants from outside UPI were very amazing. There were Secretary of BPOM West Java, Deputy of General Secretary AAI National Archives, Secretary of BUMD/BUMN, and the Chief Archives of Universitas Padjadjaran.

Student Organization Secretary Forum discussed the tips to be productive in the pandemic situation and a bureaucratic process at UPI. There were two sessions. The first session discussed how to be productive in the pandemic situation by Mrs. Shindy Diah Ayu Lestari, S.IP., M.Hub.Int. The participants were very enthusiastic in heard the explanation and active in the question and answer sessions. She told the participants a little about her job. She also shared how she managed her time between her work and her family; in addition, she shared her tips to always be productive as a secretary in pandemic situations.

The second session discussed a bureaucratic flow at UPI. The discussion was divided into five breakout rooms. There were FIP, FPOK, FPSD, and FPMIA at the first room; FPBS, FPTK, FPIPS, FPEB at the second room; then, Regional Organization (ORDA) at the third room; Student Activity Units (UKM) at the fourth room; and the last, Regional Campus at the fifth room (KAMDA). At the second breakout room, the material was explained by Venita Risadilla from English Language and Literature major. She explained the activity permit flow, proposal submission flow, loan funds flow, and many others.  Even though the second session was carried out in the afternoon, the participants were still excited and heard the explanation so well.

The event helped the secretaries well, especially for the new Student Activity Units (UKM) Secretary. BEM REMA made a guidebook about secretarial Organizations at UPI to answer the question about the bureaucratic flow at UPI. The guidebook contained 54 pages, including BEM REMA cabinet data and the bureaucrat data. In addition, there were also the bureaucratic flow at UPI and procedures for writing organization administrative products at UPI. The purpose was to make it easier for organizational secretaries to manage administration at UPI.

The pandemic situation did not make the committee gave up to carried out the event. Even though the event cannot be carried out offline, it can be carried out online with any support application to meet. Student Organization Secretary Forum 2021 carried out on Zoom Application. Due to limitations to meet, the committee chooses Zoom Application as a medium to carry out this event. Student Organization Secretary Forum was a work program in the Ministry of Secretary BEM REMA cabinet that carried out the event periodically. In previous years (before the pandemic), the event was held offline at FPIPS building.

Photo Session with Mrs. Shindy Diah Ayu Lestari, S.IP., M.Hub.Int

Based on my interview with Andjani Putri from an Accounting Education major at UPI, as a Chief Executive of this event, she was very grateful and happy because this event was carried out so well. The event was a success because it only with three weeks of preparation. At first, the committee did not put a high expectation because they planned to share a piece of knowledge about secretarial with the organizational secretary at UPI. They were happy because there were many participants inside and outside the university.  For your information, this event was carried out without media partners and sponsorship.

This event was helpful, especially for all secretaries of organizations at UPI. The secretaries got a lot of knowledge here. They got tips on how to be productive in the pandemic situation and also a bureaucratic flow. I am sure there were still many organizational secretaries at UPI who did not understand the flow of the bureaucracy; therefore, they could join this event. I appreciated BEM REMA that has to carry out this event; moreover, they also made a guidebook to help the secretaries of organization at UPI. Hopefully, this event can carry out again next year and can carry out offline, to be more fun. (Azzahra Latansa Maula, English Literature Study Program, FPBS, UPI)