Support For UPI Volunteer: “I Stand With UPI Volunteer”

When disasters occur, both catastrophic disasters and pandemic disasters, are inseparable from the role of volunteers. At this time, when the pandemic of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) was spreading. After four months from the beginning of this case in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, until this case occurred in Indonesia, various efforts to stop the spread were made. Health workers as the frontline always try to assist as much as possible. Of course, the government and medical staff cannot stand alone, there needs to support from the community, especially volunteers. One of them is volunteers from the Indonesian Education University (UPI) Volunteer.

UPI Volunteer during the COVID-19 period has distributed various assistance, such as health and sanitation equipment, groceries, and even inspection services. The volunteers consisted of lecturers, doctors, and especially students. The scope of distribution is also very broad, such as boarding houses, mosques, hospitals, health centers, markets, and terminals. Many have been helped by this program. For example, students who are not allowed to go home they were greatly helped by the assistance of basic food and health and sanitation equipment. In addition to assisting, these volunteers also gave various socialization about the dangers and ways to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Volunteers are always determined to distribute aid even though the task of volunteering is also not easy. They must intersect with people who may be at risk for transmission. Therefore, support and praise continue to flow to them on social media. The statement “I Stand with UPI Volunteer” is widely given on Instagram to UPI students who continue to assist anyone who cannot work from home.

Support provided by the netizens in the form of supportive words, speeches, expressions of enthusiasm, even poetry readings were carried out. Hundreds of positive posts, likes and comments are continuously tagged on the Instagram account @volunteerupi, an account that is a gateway to inform COVID-19’s support, donations, and pandemic information. Until now, volunteers are still receiving donations, one of which can be delivered through the BNI account by the name of UPI Peduli at 207575758.

Hopefully, the various things that have been donated and things that have been done by the volunteers can help the community and become good deeds. Volunteers are heroes in this pandemic era. (JN)