THE 2019 UPI Most Outstanding Student Selection Spurred Student’s Achievement

Bandung, UPI

The 2019 Outstanding Students Selection is a student activity organized under the coordination of the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. This event has its own prestige among other student activities, because it has a fairly large assessment weight. In 2019, The Most Outstanding Student selection has a value of 40% of the score.

The statement was delivered by the 2019 UPI Most Outstanding Student Quarantine Coordinator who was also the Head of the UPI Directorate of Student Relations and Alumni Relations Division Dr. Sandey Tantra Paramitha, S.Si., M.Pd., at the quarantine location of 2019 UPI Most Outstanding Student participants, in the Lavender Room, Isola Resort, Dr. Setiabudhi Street Number 229 Bandung, Tuesday (3/19/2019).

Based on this, he said, the committee tried to make a kind of strategy to produce outstanding student candidates who really excel in all fields to represent UPI on the national level. These outstanding students are expected to have a preparation to compete on the national level of the Most Outstanding Student Selection.

“Therefore, we try a new model in the quarantine process, where this quarantine process is very important to undergo in order to form a superior student character. Students who are present here are candidates who have passed the selection at the faculty and  other UPI campuses level,” he said.

From a number of students quarantined, he continued, as many as 13 people came from undergraduate programs and 3 from the diploma pathway. The aim of this quarantine is to prepare students from various aspects, such as the spiritual, physical and spiritual side, and to give motivation in preparation for competing at the national level. They were also followed by personality tests, Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD) and Scientific Writing tests and English language proficiency.

He explained, ” The scores of the test results will be accumulated using predetermined parameters, so that one candidate will be selected from the undergraduate program and one from the diploma path. The parameters used refer to the national level of Most Outstanding Student parameter. In this quarantine process, they are completely kept away from outside influences, so that they really focus on the activities being faced. ”

To support the success of this program, he said, the committee prepared the medical team and presented a sport instructor in order to support their physical and physical health while participating in this quarantine process, which indeed requires excellent physical conditions.