UPI Accreditation: The Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs (AQAS)

(AQAS assessors from Left to Right; Prof. Dr. Ilona Ebbers, Prof. Dr. Ellen Roemer, Prof. Brian C. Gozun, Dr. Hans-Dieter Schinner, and Thorben Steenmanns)


International acknowledgement is vital for UPI to fulfill the vision of leading and outstanding university. In order to prepare internationally-recognized future teacher graduates, UPI registered four study programs. Faculty of Economics and Business Education (FPEB)—Management Study Programme (bachelor degree, master degree, and doctoral degree) and Office Management Education Study Programme (bachelor degree). This two study program expected to be audited by The Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs (AQAS).

AQAS is an independent and professional agency for external quality assurance in the field of higher education located in Cologne, Germany. AQAS was founded in 2002 and has since accredited more than 6,500 study programme, including numerous programmes outside of Germany. AQAS offers international accreditation at bachelor, master, and PhD programme. AQAS has audited in counties in four continents, e.g. Austria, France, Turkey and Moldova, Chile, Oman, Kazakhstan, Russia, as well as Ghana and Niger.

The study programme that is going to be audited in the Faculty of Economics and Business Education is based upon the on-site inspection of the full range of the college’s provisions and supporting activities. Together with a detailed consideration of the college’s external (statutory) and internal documentation, which helps to ensure that the ongoing operation of college is maintained at an acceptable level.

The accreditation will be held from March 2nd to March 6th, 2020. The schedule of the accreditation will be discussions with the Senior Management of UPI, faculty management, and teaching staff of the four study programme of Faculty of Economics and Business. The assessors also have a campus tour around UPI; to Isola Building, Islamic Tutorial Centre, University Medical Centre (polyclinic), Laboratory School (Labschool), UPI Central Library, ICT Directorate, Sports Arena, UPI’s Education Museum, and tour to FPEB A&B building. (Ghina Aulia Saffanah)