Bandung, UPI

A Workshop and Training for Student’s Creativity Program (PKM) Proposal Writing was held on Friday, November 8th 2019 at FPBS Auditorium, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This workshop was guided by Mahmud Pasya, M.Pd. and Prof. Tri Indri Hardini. Mr. Pasya is a lecturer of Indonesian Language Education Department and Prof. Hardini is a lecturer of French Language Education Department and  the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Language and Literature Education (FPBS). This workshop was held by FPBS in order to increase FPBS students’ PKM writing productivity and to push their PKM to help society at large.

The event were attended by more than 100 students of Faculty of Language and Literature Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Majority of the students chose PKM-P (research-based project) as their program, with small number of students chose PKM-K (enterpreneurship) or PKM-T (technology-based project).

The workshop was divided into two sessions: A writing session, guided by Mahmud Pasya, M.Pd., and presenting session, guided by Prof. Tri Indri Hardini. The students were divided into groups of three to five students. Starting from 09.00, all participants in the room started writing their PKM. The workshop took a break at 11.30 and continued at 13.00. All the students looked eager and enthusiastic to write and share their ideas into their PKM.

“My PKM’s topic is about the development of Japanese-Indonesian translation e-book. I hope that my PKM can really help for translation research for higher learning,” said Lala, one of the students attending the workshop.

“College students have immense creativity, and that’s a good thing for starting a PKM. Our lecturers here will help students to create a cohesively structured PKM. So, there are great deal of teamworks that we need to make this work,” said Mahmud Pasya, M.Pd. when asked about the students’ potential in creating PKM.

Regarding the importance of PKM, Mahmud Pasya, M.Pd. added, “PKM is one of the indicator of our campus’ credibility. Last year, FPBS successfully created five PKM, only rivalled by FPTK, which scored seven PKM. I have high hopes that this year the number will increase. But the most important thing of a PKM is that it is a medium for learning culture. As students are getting used to write PKM, they increase their social awareness, research willingness, and reading and writing capabilities.”(Text & Photos: Padika)