UPI Creates Anti-COVID-19 Tools for Hand Washing Facilities and Car Sprayer

UPIsiagaCOVID-19 Program Series

Bandung, UPI

UPI’s innovation program in creating all kinds of solutions to prevent the transmission of the Corona Virus or COVID-19 epidemic continues. Day and night without the activists and volunteers who represent leaders, lecturers, and students work hand in hand to help break the distribution chain of this virus.

One of the innovations of this program is the creation of hand washing facilities and car sprayer tools equipped with disinfectant. This product is expected to be a substitute for Hand Sanitizer. The pioneering team began with an idea, the process of making a frame and supplying a water tank for the size of around 1,500 liters. The frame made of iron angles, a height of about 2 meters. This product has been prepared and the design and placement have been carried out since today Wednesday 31 March 2020.

The production of this tool is carried out hand in hand from all parties in the UPI academic community which is led by the rector, vice-rector, chairman and members of the UPIsiagaCovid-19 program namely Prof. Dr. Hj. Aan Komariah; Prof. Dr.Hj. Ida Hamidah; dr. Ronald dr. Lucky, Dr. Budi Salira, Dr. Liris Respatiningrum, Dr. Asep Bayu and Zakiah M.Pd and other leaders. This appliance product will be placed in all the points many residents of the community passing by and in and out of campus gates and in and out of lecture and meeting buildings.

Through this product, it is expected that all UPI members can minimize the spread and even aim to be able to prevent it from being infected by COVID-19. Hopefully, this innovative tool can be one of the best alternatives in addition to other innovations that have been produced by UPI Academics and Scientists.

As a follow-up, this equipment will be offered to offices or schools that need it if in the future it must become one of the standardized forms of prevention and transmission of the Corona Virus. Hopefully what is sought together gets guidance from Allah SWT and this Plague is ending soon. Ameen Yaa Robbal Alamiin. (DD)