UPI Distributed Groceries To Residents During COVID-19 Situation

UPIsiagaCOVID-19 Program Series

The impact of the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID-19) was not only in the world of health but also on agriculture. Where the middle to lower class heavily affected by this pandemic situation. This condition has been identified by the UPIsiagaCovid-19 Program team led by the rector, the vice-rector and all the teams involved in it. The analysis includes UPI’s efforts to assist in the form of groceries to the community with daily income from their livelihoods.

Indeed, not all people in West Java can be touched by this assistance, but as initiation and pilot, UPI tries to give the best role to help people who have been affected by this outbreak. Through the Task Force and Volunteer team that is owned by the UPI has recorded all target parties who have registered requests for assistance from UPI. Some of the targets include terminals, online taxi, security, drivers, street vendors, and people whose livelihoods are suddenly disrupted by the pandemic. This assistance is also intended to align with the contents of the appeal of the Government of West Java regarding assistance to communities whose income from livelihoods is disrupted due to impacts.

Alhamdulillah, to this day, March 31, support from donors to provide food packages continues to flow, so the team can easily map them to the needs of the target community. With this food aid, hopefully, the community, as expressed by the Governor of West Java, can be helped and can receive ongoing assistance from other initiators of the COVID-19 standby program. (DD, March 2020).