UPI Public Relations Video On COVID-19 Symptoms & Prevention

Bandung, UPI

Along with the outbreak of the Corona Virus in Indonesia, until today efforts to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak continue to be carried out by all universities or other institutions. As an institution that is at the forefront in communicating all the roles of the University, the Office of Public Relations Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) contribute to the situation by making an information video on the COVID-19.

Head of UPI Public Relations Office Deni Darmawan stated that UPI Public Relations as one part of the university system seeks to produce services by its duties and functions. Of course, these services are aimed at the internal and external public.

“Thus, as a tangible product, public relations has launched a short video regarding the Corona Virus information, symptoms and prevention measures,” stated Deni Darmawan.

In this public relations video, shows a brief explanation of what Corona Virus or also known as COVID-19 is allied with previous deadly viruses such as the SARS and MERS viruses. This virus spreads so fast leaving its trace on our clothes and everyday things. Likewise, when we are declared infected, we have to quarantine independently (at home only), and if possible contact medical staff through Call Center 119. The video showed that there are six symptoms that you might be infected by the virus, namely Pneumonia, High fever, Dizzy, Cold, Cough, and joint pain.

Furthermore, the video explains how to prevent it. Four steps are explained, namely avoiding contact with sick people, wash your hands regularly, wear a mask if you cough, and avoid crowds.

“I would like to thank those who have provided stock shots for the video so that we can compile them into the information we present in this simple video,” he added. (DD)