UPI Siaga COVID-19 Keeps Spreading Goodness

Bandung, UPI

For more than one week collecting donations and distributing aid to fight the COVID-19 case, volunteers from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) have been active in distributing various financial aid, medical equipment, sanitation equipment, basic needs, and inspection services.

After the scarcity of hand sanitizers arose, the volunteers also tried to produce their hand sanitizers and distributed them to several hospitals, such as Bandung City Hospital, Bandung Al-Islam Hospital, Cahaya Kawaluyaan Hospital, and Hermina Arcamanik Hospital. Also, hand sanitizers were distributed to several public health cares, such as Sukasari, Padasuka, Polban, and Ledeng.

Aid is not only given to health services, but also given to online motorcycle taxi drivers, mosques, parking attendants, and not forgetting students. Especially students, volunteers reach boarding houses and rented houses who need help, especially for students who cannot return to their hometowns due to circumstances that do not allow it. Assistance, for example, is given to Papuan students who find it difficult to go home. Assistance provided in the form of food and health protection equipment.

Assistance was also given to students who came from abroad, namely students from Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) and Mara Technology University (UiTM). The students received assistance in the form of handing over herbal packages, masks, and gloves. The students are scheduled to go home at midnight (01/04/2020). The assistance was delivered by volunteer representatives, namely Dr. H. Ade Budhi Salira, M.Sc. (Head of Facilities and Infrastructure Bureau).

Although this distribution has reached many people and places until now the donations collected have still not been able to fulfill the list of requests for assistance. The aid packages available are not enough at all. Thus, support from donors is certainly still very much needed. Hopefully, UPI together with the community and donors can jointly fight COVID-19. (JN)