UPI Siaga COVID-19 Program Covers All Terget Regions

UPIsiagaCOVID19 Program Series

Entering the third week of the UPIsiagaCOVID-19 program, volunteers consisting of students from various majors who are members of the BEM REMA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia continue to explore the targeted areas. Many areas have been received the assistance they propose and the volunteers responded quickly.

Of course, the volunteers also use all the security standards of this Corona Virus situation. The targeted areas including (1) Ledeng Public Health Center. This is the closest and the main target, bearing in mind that in Ledeng Public Health Center it is certainly the first destination for people who want to get checked if they feel there are symptoms of the virus. (2) Another target is Hermina Arcamanik Hospital. This maternity hospital although the location is quite far from the campus area, the volunteers are not tired, they are struggling to provide the best assistance and much needed practical hand sanitizers. (3) Cahya Kawaluyaan Hospital, quite far away in the south of Bandung, the volunteers from the UPIsiagaCOVID-19 program also provided the same assistance. (4) Padasuka Health Center in central Bandung. The direction of Cicaheum Terminal does not escape the target of Volunteers who are eager to convey the mandate from the university.

Balanced targets are also carried out in mosques. Some of the closest mosques to the farthest ones, such as the Al-Falah Mosque, were coordinating directly with the chairman of the DKM. Likewise, their journey ended at the community inspection site immediately, namely to the Polban Clinic in Bandung towards West Bandung.

Of course, this program cannot be separated from the ongoing support of UPI leaders and teams from the UPIsiagaCOVID-19 program who continue to be enthusiastic without tiring day and night. Hopefully what has been given to those who are entitled to receive it, will become a high worship value in the future Amiin Yaa Robbal Alamiin, and hopefully, it can at least ease the burden on the community and places and target areas, so that it is protected from the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID-19). We are still racing at the speed of the virus that we have to beat. Hopefully…. (DD, April 2020).