UPI Siaga COVID-19 Task Force Distributes Food Packages

UPI Siaga COVID-19 Serial

UPI’s COVID-19 Task Force works hard to provide humanitarian and health assistance in Indonesia in response to the national health emergency against the spread of COVID-19 that hits the world and Indonesia. At Present, the Task Force team has successfully distributed 191 food packages to the students who are still in the area of residence within UPI’s environment.

The distribution of the food packages was intended for students who were in dormitories who came from Papua and other students who were still in the neighborhood around the boarding houses of students at UPI campus. The Task Force team is currently coordinating the incentives for the distribution of donations, medical equipment for health centers and hospitals, sanitation equipment, food, inspection services to help the Indonesian people and also the citizens of Bandung.

The Task Force team requested prayers and support from the people and the Academic Community of UPI so that any distribution process of various assistance to the community and students of UPI could be done properly. The Task Force as the spearhead of the struggle and resistance against COVID-19 always strives and works hard to help the people of Indonesia optimally.

Thank you to all the generous donors. May your wealth is abundant and gives you the blessing, especially the fortune to be kept away from COVID-19. Hopefully, the disaster passes quickly so we can live normally again. We are still waiting for additional donations. To transfer the donations, you can transfer to UPI Care in BNI No. 207575758 (YS / Elfa)

Stay safe!