UPI Volunteers Helps the Community to Prevent COVID 19

Bandung, UPI

COVID-19 Virus has reached Indonesia and become the national issue and concern today, this leads to the government issuing a Circular Letter on Social Distancing. Unfortunately, not all people can work at home and many have lost their daily livelihoods with this policy. 

Assistant Director 1 of UPI Postgraduate Program, Prof. Dr. Anna Permanasari, initiated the idea of conducting donations to help the poor around UPI by providing food. The idea of donations was welcomed by the Volunteer Against COVID-19, which was led by Dr. Eng Beta Paramita, S.T., M.T. Prof. Aan Komariah from the Education Administration Study Program as the coordinator of Volunteer Against COVID-19 opened the bank account for the donation. 

Against COVID-19 Flyers was distributed to social media from March 18 to March 22, 2020. A total of Rp. 51,300,000.00 have been spent on groceries and help people get masks, soap, and hand sanitizers distributed to street vendors, online drivers, mosques, and hospitals. 20 liters of hand sanitizer was given to Al Islam Hospital, 30 bottles of hand sanitizer were given to the people around UPI and 8 large hand sanitizer bottles to mosques, ojek bases, and health centers that were around the commotion. 

The distribution was carried out in three areas namely around Gegerkalong, Cicaheum, and Cicadas assisted by students from various majors namely Maulana Calvin Fawzy (Architecture Department), Lukman Noor Hakim (Architecture Department), and Muhammad Musa (Geography Department). The distribution is carried out to the community and the right places such as mosques, markets, and terminals. In distribution, the community was so enthusiastic that the goods were all distributed. Not only that, hearing about the many health facilities that lacked medical devices such as gloves and hand sanitizers with many religious activities that were going on, we also took the initiative to make a DIY hand sanitizer and disinfectant to assist in handling the COVID-19 virus. 

In collaboration with one of the Chemistry lecturers, Fitria Khoerunnisa, S.Pd., M.Sc., Ph.D who is competent in her field, we make hand sanitizers and disinfectants with materials prepared independently and managed with the help of the lecturer so that we can make hand sanitizers and disinfectants to be distributed to mosques and health facilities. The manufacture of hand sanitizers and disinfectants is also used by UPI itself to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus by manufacturing disinfectant sprayers at each vehicle entrance gate. 

Not everyone is lucky to stay at home, and not everyone cares about the state of the community, hopefully, this activity can be a trigger in helping our brothers and sisters in need. Stay Home and Stay Healthy. (ab)