A Journey of Your Life 2021

On Saturday, August 25, 2021, all new students from the English Department attended Kaderisasi Angkatan Baru  (KAB)’s fourth agenda, A Journey of Your Life.  KAB is an annual activity for new English Department students that must be attended because it gives a great deal of information and knowledge about college life. This activity is conducted via Zoom Meeting. This event drew roughly 200 new students and more than 100 committee members.

Due to the COVID pandemic, KAB will be held online for the second time. The implementation was not done online two years ago for the Class of 2019. The Geget Winda Building is the place where KAB 2019 is located. We are hoping that this pandemic will be over soon, so in the next year, KAB will be held on campus rather than online.

The students from the 2019 and 2020 batches make up the committee in charge of this activity. There are three types of committees: steering committees, superintending committees, and staff. According to what has been decided, each committee has its own job description.

The committee prepared this AJYL activity quite some time ago. It has been prepared since the beginning of July, according to Rezeki Ernala Tarigan, a member of the Steering Committee. This event takes roughly two months to plan.

This activity has four agendas: spiritual presentations, organizational lectures, the introduction of the ESA Magna cabinet, and speeches from various students who will be class leaders candidates. Before AJYL began, the entire committee met for a 15-minute briefing to ensure that everything went without a hitch. After all of the new students have entered the zoom meeting room, the committee, particularly the supervisor, double-checks Maru’s traits to see if they are complete. The AJYL began at 1.15 p.m., with the MC, Narayudha, starting the event and directing non-Muslim students to another meeting room.

The title of this spiritual presentation is “Exploring one’s potential in the world of lectures through spiritual and intellectual activities.” Mr. Sutriadi gave the new Muslim students’ lecture, while Mr. Ruben gave the new non-Muslim students’ lecture. The two lectures were held in the breakout room. The lecture lasted around 20 minutes and was followed by a question and answer session where new students could directly ask the speaker any questions. Ater that, the new students were directed back to the main room to continue the next agenda.

There is a 3-minute break before moving on to the following agenda item, which is the presentation of organizational concerns; this time can be used by new students who need to use the restroom. The presentation on organization began after 3 minutes. The speaker for this event was Fauziyya Nurussyfa, a 2018 student. She shares her understanding of organization with new students based on her own organizing experience. This presentation  lasted 25 minutes, with 10 minutes set aside for questions about the organization from new students. Many new students used the “raise hand” feature to ask the presenters, showing their excitement for the organization.

ESA’s president, Muhammad Imanda, then started the introduction of the ESA Magna cabinet around 3 p.m. The ESA’s president read out all people involved in ESA Magna. The goal is to introduce new students to ESA’s cabinet.

Following that, numerous new students who would become candidates for class president gave short speeches. Some of those who are elected will run for class president; therefore, they must have a strong vision and mission for their peers to vote for them. About ten new students shared their visions and missions with the group. Following the presentation of the visions and missions, new students or the committee are given the opportunity to ask questions concerning the submitted visions and missions. If they are elected later, we can assess how prepared they are to carry out their vision and objective.

“From what I’ve seen, being a class leader can be beneficial in terms of strengthening ties with forces above and below us. Furthermore, being a class leader can help you develop leadership skills because it’s fairly uncommon for an ESA or academic problem to be reported first to the class leader, who then informs his students. In addition, I believe it can help with public speaking,” said Rezeki Ernala Tarigan, the Steering Committee 4.

Being a class leader has a lot of benefits. Rezeki Ernala Tarigan described some of them. The chance to be a class leader does not come twice, so take advantage of it while you still have the chance.

The last item on the AJYL’s agenda is this oration. After that, the MC called a halt to the activities. The AJYL documentation team screenshots the screen before new students exit the Zoom meeting room. AJYL went as planned; the entire agenda was well-executed from start to finish. However, there were a few issues, particularly unstable connections that took some time to resolve.

A Journey of Your Life’s photo session

“AJYL is anticipated to assist them in replanting the importance of spiritual values during their college years. Aside from that, there’s an organization lecture at AJYL. So, if the organization also needs to experience them while they are studying, new pupils are expected to be ‘literate,'” Rezeki Ernala Tarigan said.

Regarding the positive outcomes of the AJYL, it is hoped that incoming students have already implemented the AJYL. As a result, they are expected to gain something useful from this activity. (Sheren Agustin, Mahasiswa Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris, FPBS UPI)