An UPI Students Became a Leader of the West Java Contingent in Perkemahan Wirakarya Nasional (PWN) Jambi 2021

Perkemahan Wirakarya Nasional (PWN) 2021 or a community service event by Scout was held on December 3-10. It was held as a form of Scout Promise and Scout Law realization. About 1.500 scout members (age 16-25) attended the event as the representatives from 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. The event was carried out in Jambi Province.

One of the UPI students majoring in Multimedia Education, Kiki Saepul Anam, had the opportunity to participate in this year’s PWN event as a leader of the West Java contingent. He led 16 participants representing West Java.

Kiki explained that a lot of preparations had been made before holding this event. Selection and registration is held in August. The participants were selected from administration, insight tests, physical tests, arts tests, and interviews. Consultations were also carried out with several parties related to Covid-19 considering that this event was held in the midst of a pandemic.

Welcoming by Bujang Gadis of Batanghari

There were many activities in PWN. The event started with an opening ceremony. Then there were physical and non-physical community services. Physical service was building monuments, renovating damaged buildings, and all visible physical development. Meanwhile, non-physical services were the activity in the form of training people on many things: SDGs, leadership, biodiesel, etc. Other activities were tourism activities to promote and get to know more about Jambi, art performances to introduce each other to the culture of 34 provinces, and finally the closing ceremony to close the event.

To avoid crowds, the activities were divided into 2 groups: sub camp and main camp. The main camp operated at the Abdurrahman Sayoeti-Musa Campground on the Gelam River, Jambi, which is the Jambi campground area. Meanwhile, the main camp operated in 5 village development centers in Batanghari Regency, Jambi.

According to Kiki, the interesting experience of this event was the concept of a home stay or landlady. Over there, there was a local resident’s house and all lived in it. The participants did not set up tents at the campsite, they were grouped into several people consisting of 4-5 people and then joined the landlady or homestay. He lived as a member of the family there. It also made a heavy farewell at the end because it felt like he was parting with the second family there. To join the big event in the middle of a pandemic became his new experience too.

Everything was going well and safely because all parties involved were people who had been tested negative for COVID-19. Even the antigen swab was carried out 5-6 times during the activity. Health protocols were also implemented under the supervision of the COVID-19 officer unit and the National Police.(Fatimah, Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris, FPBS, UPI)