COVID-19 Detection Fighters at Al-Furqon UPI

UPI Public Relation SERIAL in UPIsiagaCOVID-19 Program

As the Holy house of Allah SWT, the mosques around UPI campus have received assistance from UPIsiagaCOVID-19 Program. Surely this will help the chief, the members of mosque councils, and the congregation who want to pray together at the mosque. As in the Al-Furqon Mosque, UPI, assistance in the form of detection devices on body temperature for the congregation has been received from the Task Force or volunteers from the UPIsiagaCOVID-19 program.

This device is also useful to provide peace to the people because they have to be checked first before entering the mosque. Thus, the people who pray there can be more solemn and comfortable. Besides providing peace in prayer, this device can also help the people on what to do when their body temperature founds above 38 degrees.

Hopefully, all that we are worried about will not be experienced and will not happen to all of us, especially the worshipers and managers of the Al-Furqon Mosque. Amen. (DD, April 2020).