Disinfectant Spraying to 700 houses by UPI COVID-19 Standby Task Force

Public Relations Series in UPIsiagaCovid-19

It has been two weeks rolling the UPIsiagaCovid-19 Program led by the Rector of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia until now Alhamdulillah many parties have joined at the front line in preventing the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19). The team has gone to 21 places mostly mosques, hospitals, health centers, terminals, madrasah, dormitories, ojek bases, markets, and housing complex (source from distribution data team UPIsiagaCovid-19, March 31st, 2020. As a form of the awareness program, a University will certainly continue to supports the community until the outbreak stops.

There is one program which is greatly appreciated by a total of 700 Families who are domiciled in Permata Biru Housing which is quite far from the location of the UPI Campus, which is located in the eastern end of Bandung Regency. Through the UPIsiagaCovid-19 program, UPI sprayed the housing complex with disinfectant to prevent the virus. Through the coordinator of the Head of RW 23 Cinunuk Village, Mr. Endang and Representative of the Permatabiru community leaders, Cinunuk Village, Mr. Ipan, gave his gratitude to the UPI Rector who helped them.

The spraying program is very much awaited by the community of RW 23, now on Wednesday, March 31 Alhamdulillah has received assistance from UPI thanks to UPI Public Relations who have become a link between the UPIsiagaCOvid-19 program to Mr. RW and Community Leaders in the Permata Biru Housing Environment. Hopefully what we are trying to get together will get Ridho and Hidayah so that both UPI and the people that help are always protected by Allah SWT. Ameen Yaa Robbal Alamin. (DD, March 2020).