Feel-Watch Releases An Application of Mental Health Inside Watch : Student Creativity Program For Supporting 3rd Sustainable Development Goals

Feel-Watch is a creativity from students in Digital Business Program of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). Feel-Watch is existed on conscience and humanity, which sees the situation around  with more people get mental health disorders, especially anxiety disorders that need help. Research from the Indonesia-National Adolescent Mental Health Survey (I-NAMHS, 2022) cites that around 2.45 million adolescents throughout Indonesia had mental health disorders and around 3.7% of adolescents in Indonesia had anxiety disorders.

Based on this problem, Feel-Watch team initiates an innovation technology based within smartwatches application through features that reduces excessive anxiety disorders as  an initial screening stage for  handling mental health disorders equipped with ease in consulting with professionals. In addition, we hope that Feel Watch can produce a mentally healthy generation in order to achieve the third point  of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely “Good Health and Well-Being” in achieving the goals of golden Indonesia 2045.

In the end of 2023, the Feel Watch team initiated this idea and competed in the Constructive Ideas Video Student Creativity Week competition held by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Technology and managed to get funding. We hope, through Feel-Watch, could build public awareness about the importance of mental health and become a small, sustainable step.

Feel-Watch is part of Student Creativity Program. The team are not only creating  video output, but also conducting  a social experiment with the theme “Here for Us” which has been carried out in Blok M, South Jakarta (Tuesday, 01/08/2023). Through  this social experiment, we were able to show how small actions, like writing down kind words emotionally can help others feel better. The social experiment that we have conducted has reached 7,861 accounts with 8,365 playbacks.

The social experiment was packaged interestingly on Instagram Feel-Watch reels content and was managed to get a positive response from netizens enthusiastically to welcome ideas, ideas and be interested in the available features. 

One account named @netriandaa commented, “Wow, what an interesting idea! Can you share how technical the features are,” he wrote. In addition, in a post we shared about a social experiment made during  the shooting  process in South Jakarta, one of the accounts of the person we targeted wrote in the comment section. An account named @alysap____ commented “Thanks ya sis ❤️❤️❤️❤️” in the post. 

In the future, we hope to be able to help and share to all users who feel complaints about mental health. In addition, we hope to inspire friends to always innovate and continue to strive for positive change through business ideas.