International Student Summit: A Small Act for a Better Future

Bandung, UPI

A number of international students of UPI joined a competition called the International Student Summit. It is an annual competition that involves international students from 40 universities in Indonesia. There were several contests, namely storytelling, speech, vlogging, and singing. One of the contests that was joined by UPI was Vlogging. The theme for this year is “A Small Act for a Better Future”.

For this project, the international students of UPI visited “Rumah Baca Pondok Hijau”. It is a learning center which was established by UPI students who are concerned about education. It focuses on teaching underprivileged children who cannot get a proper education. There were three students involved in this project, namely Maki, Islam, and Tia. Maki is a student from Japan, Islam is from Egypt, and Tia is from Madagascar.

In this learning center, there are more than twenty children who are illiterate and are not be able to pursue a formal education. Most of the children work as scavengers because their parents do the same as the main job. Maki, Islam, and Tia taught the children how to read, count, and they shared the interesting facts about their countries.

After posting the vlog on the Youtube, they went to the competition that was held in Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Solo, on October 17, 2019. The vlog came up as The Favorite Winner of the competition.

A simple act can bring a big impact on others, more importantly, on the individuals. From a small act for a better future.

(Agis Maharani)