Regulation To Stay At Home To Anticipate The Spread of COVID-19

Bandung, UPI

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, UPI shut down the learning activities among students since last March. The environmental conditions of UPI which do not allow teaching and learning activities to happen, make the head of the university is required to state policies to temporarily dismiss employees for the sake of widespread corona outbreaks in UPI.

This policy was issued by the rector of UPI Prof. Dr. H. R. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si through a statement letter number 0017 in 2020 which explicitly states that imposing online learning activities through applications that have been provided to support learning for students.

This application is a special design for students of UPI who have contracted their courses to support learning through digital media. The application used by UPI is SPOT (Sistem Pembelajaran Online Terpadu) and also SPADA-UPI (Sistem Pembelajaran Daring-UPI). Both of these applications are designed to be compatible with the face to support the learning process of UPI students.

Besides the regulation to stay at home, UPI also forbids students who want to visit the BAK administration building, language learning center or Balai Bahasa, and also the Library. Instead, UPI provides a link to students to be able to access library books online through the website which is useful for students who are preparing their thesis assignments, so they could get access to reading literature, journals, papers, essays, and other reading as the same as in the library.

Moreover, UPI also provides access for students under the physical distancing to visit the National Education Museum online through the website which is freely accessible by UPI students and also public anytime and anywhere. (Agis)