Rejuvenating KNB UPI: Spirit For More Successful Academic Endeavor

GARUT, Kampoeng Sampireun

The international master’s degree students in UPI went on a field trip to Kampoeng Sampireun Garut on December 6-7th, 2019. This annual event was organized by the Office of International Education and Relations. The event included master’s degree students who came from several majors, such as, Counseling, Geography Education, Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia, etc. They represent more than 11 countries all over the world. From Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Madagascar, Nigeria, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mexico, Malaysia, and Thailand.

On the first day, on Friday 6th, the students gathered in front of the National Education Museum before departed from UPI by bus. After arrived in Kampoeng Sampireun Garut, all the students and the staff were welcomed by the welcoming party in the lobby. The receptionist served all the guests with Bajigur after a four-hour drove from UPI. We enjoyed the beverage together with other students while all of our baggage were arranged into our room.

After finishing the drink in the lobby, they gathered at a Sundanese restaurant which the interiors mostly covered made by wood. There was a lot of food that served in the restaurant such as sayur kangkung, sayur sop, fried chicken, noodles, etc, and all guests could take any food they wanted. The students and the staff sat on the table together and had a conversation to make them tighter.

After lunch, they played some traditional games at the square in front of the restaurant building. The game consisted of five groups, each group consisted of five persons. The students had to move the water from one bucket to their buckets, who was getting the fullest bucket would win the game. This game trains cohesiveness and cooperation in achieving one goal. Turns out, group two had the fullest bucket of water that they win the game.

Another game, students had to cross the fish pond using only two tiny pipes. Students who fall to the pond, lose the chance to win the game. The pond is completely clean, we can see a lot of goldfish swim around the pond. Here, students from group five win the game. They were all enjoying the games and had a great time together.

At night, they were served dinner and there was live music in the restaurant. Mr. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, P.hD as the head of the international office of education and relation gave the official present to all the students who win the games. After that, all the participants were singing and dancing and enjoying the night before tomorrow morning they had to return to UPI. (Agis)