The First KF Project Presentation 2023: Showcasing Students’ Rigourous Insights

[Bandung, November, 1st 2023] — The first KF Project Presentation Contest 2023 held on the 1st of November 2023 at the Gedung PPPG, UPI’s 6th floor, witnessed an inspiring convergence of academic excellence and cross-cultural exploration. Under the theme “Beyond the Hallyu Wave,” students from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) and Universitas Pasundan (UNPAS) and engaged in a spirited competition, shedding light on various facets of Korean and Indonesian Language, History, Economic Development, Social Issues, Education, and Culture.

The KF Project Presentation Contest is a competitive platform where student teams delve into a comparative study between Korean and Indonesian Language, History, Economic Development, Social Issues, Education, and Culture. It encourages the development of critical thinking, team management, and public speaking skills among participants, providing them with an enriching experience and recognition in their academic journey.

The contest began with participants registering and submitting their work in .pdf or .pptx format. Following rigorous evaluation, twelve outstanding teams (six from UPI and six from UNPAS) were selected to present their findings and insights.

Distinguished judges, including Dr. Rd. Safrina Noorman, M.A., Prof. Kiho Kim, and Prof. Dr. H. Horas Djulius, SE., had the challenging task of evaluating the presentations. The winners and runners-up were subsequently announced, with the following top-performing teams:

Winners: Muhammad Luthfi Naufal and team; First Runner-Up (UPI): Fatia Sapitri and team; First Runner-Up (UNPAS): Nabil Ariella Permana and team; Second Runner-Up (UPI): Arini Lestari Sugiarti and team; Second Runner-Up (UNPAS): Aneng Selpia Juliana and team.

In the first winner presentation about Comparison of Metaphors Used Between Indonesian and Korean Pop Songs by Muhammad Luthfi Naufal, Adellia Siti Hendarty, and Lawrentia Sandracrystally Louisally Alexan clinched the first position with their insightful presentation on the intricate world of metaphors in Indonesian and Korean Pop Songs. Their analysis included an in-depth exploration of Keisya Levronka’s “Tak Ingin Usai” and AKMU’s “How Can I Love the Heartbreak You’re the One I Love.”

In their findings, the team highlighted that Indonesian sad songs tend to employ simple and easy-to-understand lyrics accompanied by high notes. In contrast, South Korean sad songs often utilize poetic lyrics filled with metaphors to convey the profound meaning of the song.

The awards presented at the KF Project Presentation Contest 2023 were not only a testament to the participants’ hard work but also a reflection of the generous support from the Korean Foundation. The Korean Foundation offered enticing rewards, with a total of 450 USD for the best team, 300 USD for two teams, and 150 USD for two additional teams.

These prizes serve not only as tokens of recognition but also as motivating factors for participants to showcase their best abilities and teamwork. The financial incentives provided by the Korean Foundation aim to celebrate outstanding achievements and foster a competitive and collaborative spirit among the participants.

As the collaboration between Kyung Hee University and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia continues to flourish, we anticipate more engaging, enlightening, and inspiring contests in the future.

Author: Priscilla and Intan

Photo taken by Ravie and Arum