The Rector of UPI Welcomed Assessors from The National Library

Bandung, UPI

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia’s Library received an assessor team from the National Library (Perpusnas) for accreditation visitation activities of UPI’s Library, Thursday (5/3). The Perpusnas Assessor Team consists of Drs. Tisyo Haryono, MLS and Drs. Bambang Supriyo Utomo, M. LiB. The Assessor’s reception carried out at Gedung Isola, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. H. Rd. Asep Kadarohman, M. Si as the Rector of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia welcomed the arrival of the Assessor Team accompanied by all the staff of UPI. In this greeting, Drs. Tisyo Hartono appreciated UPI’s effort to do the Library accreditation and to promote the library as one of the centres of knowledge resources in supporting the learning system, information seeking, improving the academic quality, and research at UPI.

The Rector of UPI and staff took a photo together with the Assessor Team of the National Library at Gedung Isola, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (Source: Dok. Humas UPI)

The arrival of the Assessor regarding accreditation is a form of UPI’s passion for building quality education. “Accreditation becomes our focus. The quality assurance unit exists in the Faculties and University. All as a form of our effort to guarantee all the services are by the standard”, said the Rector of UPI. The Accreditation of UPI’s Library is one of the triggers in managing education on campus.

UPI, which has around 40.000 students and five regional campuses has become potential in accessing the library facilities. The development of UPI’s library focused on Bumi Siliwangi (UPI). “The accreditation is a continuous quality because this is the first step, we do it at the centre first”, Said Mr. Asep.

Regarding the library that is related to the UU number 43 of 2007, it stated that library is an institution that manages the collection of written works, printed works, and recorded works professionally with a standardised system to fulfil the education, research, preservation, information, and recreational needs of the visitors.

According to Mr. Tisyo, three aspects being focused on building a library, there is the satisfaction of the internal and external customer, formal recognition from the government, and continuous improvement.

Accreditation was carried out as a form that an institution is worthy of carrying out its duties. “Supposedly with a library as big as UPI’s it is already by the standard because it would be a model for other universities.” State Mr. Tisyo. The welcoming of Assessor Team ended with a photo together with the Rector of UPI and its staff at Gedung Isola. (Tito Edy Priandono, Translated by Muhammad Ichsan Medina)