Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Hosts National Sports Grand Design Socialization

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BANDUNG – The Ministry of Youth and Sports appointed the Indonesian University of Education as the host for the Socialization of the Great Design of National Sports (DBON). This activity was held on Wednesday (17/11/ 2021) at The Pullman Hotel Bandung.

This socialization contains lectures on DBON as the implementation of the long-term national sports coaching and development policy direction. This policy is contained in Presidential Regulation Number 86 of 2021 concerning the Grand Design of National Sports.

DBON has a scope that includes the sports industry, recreational sports, achievement sports, as well as educational sports.

Sumber : dokumentasi Panitia

The Dean of FPOK, Dr. Boyke Mulyana, M.Pd., explained that UPI through its lecturers contributed ideas related to the design of this DBON.

He added that this Presidential Regulation is the first fundamental principle of the sports sector in Indonesia so that it will have a major impact on the progress of sports nationally.

Thus the sports sector can further boost the good name of the nation in the international arena. (Nabitah Hurroh, Jurnalistik 2019)