UPI CALOHEA Erasmus+ Project National Dissemination Meeting 2023

Starting in 2017, UPI has been participating in an Erasmus+ sponsored project called CALOHEA (Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Asia). The main purpose of this project is to seek to impact higher education in the ASEAN region, by measuring and comparing the learning outcomes of higher education institutions in Europe and Asia.

The first batch of the project was led by The University of Bilbao in Spain (2017-2019) and the second batch (2021-2023) was led by the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.  

This program is co-funded and sponsored by Erasmus+

The project focuses on comparing three subject area groups (civil engineering, medicine, and teacher education). This project involves 31 institutions across 13 countries over 2 continents partnering up to drive institutional progress within management operations and the internationalization of higher education within the region.

In the ASEAN region, the project was managed by ASEAN University Network (AUN) which is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The project involves three subject area groups (civil engineering, medicine, and teacher education). Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia participates in two subject area groups; civil engineering and teacher education.  

In each subject area group, the project covers three aspects. First, the creation and use of regional subject-specific qualifications and assessment reference frameworks to permit greater comparability of institutional degree program profiles. Second, the instalment of the culture of student workload measurement as an integral part of curriculum design. Third, the implementation of authentic assessment of internationally comparable learning outcomes in the degree program.   

In this first project, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) participated in one subject area group only, teacher education. Meanwhile, in the second one, UPI joins in two subject groups; education and civil engineering. The teacher education area group is represented by the Accounting Education Program, the Faculty of Business and Economics Education, whereas the civil engineering is represented by The Civil Engineering Education Program, the Faculty of Technology, and Vocational Education. Each subject group has the following members:

Teacher Education

Professor Dr. Dinn Wahyudin, M.A.
Professor Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D.
Professor Dr. Vanessa Gaffar, MBA.
Yanty Wirza, Ph.D.
Dr. Heni Mulyani

Civil Engineering

Dr.T. Ir. Juang Akbardin, S.T., M.T., IPM.
Ir. Dadang Mohamad, MSCE., Ph.D.
Dr. Ir. Nanang Dalil Herman, S.T., M.Pd., IPM.
Mardiani, S.Pd., M.Eng.
Asrinia Desilia, S.T., M.T.
Istiqomah, S.T., M.T.

This year 2023, in the framework of the CALOHEA Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union, representatives of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia will take part in the first National Dissemination Meeting in Surabaya, Indonesia on 2-3 March 2023 hosted by Institut Teknologi Surabaya (ITS). Previous meetings were usually held in the AUN Secretariat, Bangkok Thailand.  

The involvement of UPI representatives in this project is expected to help improve the outcomes of teaching and learning, particularly in the study programs involved, so that it can increase the employability of the graduates. This international partnership is also expected to improve the academic and employer reputation of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

To learn more about the project, please visit the CALOHEA website at https://calohea.org/