UPI Provides Masks for the Community

UPIsiagaCOVID-19 Program Series

One of the daily needs during activities during the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID-19) is the need for masks. The tool to cover the mouth and nose is very essential. Considering the mask can only be used once, the needs of the production of this mask are carried out by all parties in the convection, industry, up to home products (home industry). UPI also join to produce masks with the standards and materials used are adjusted to the standards of self sanitation and environmental health standards.

With creativity, energy, time, materials and equipment owned by the university, the production of this Mask becomes a priority for the needs of society today. UPI through its culinary program continues to strive to provide the best for the community, during this pandemic.

Besides producing its masks, UPI also ready to buy from other mask producers who have communicated with the team from the UPIsiagaCovid-19 program. Considering the need for these masks is very high, said the program treasurer and the UPI Infrastructure Agency recently.

These masks will be distributed by volunteers who are ready to stand by at any time by the picket schedule and distribution assignment tasks. All parties have been called to knit and wrap up to the last packing by the packages of mask assistance that needs it. Hopefully what has been done in this cooperation can be a strength in fighting the corona COVID-19 virus outbreak. (DD, March 2020).