Warm Greetings from IEKI UPI Students Internee in Manila


Islamic Economics and Finance Study Program Students, The Faculty of Economic and Business Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia conducts Internship activities at the Indonesian Embassy in Manila, The Republic of the Philippines. Concurrently the Marshall Islands Republic and the Republic of Palau carried out by Hadi Kostaman (2017) and Fakhry Hafiyyan Kurniawan (2017) during the February 2020 period.

In the implementation, the two students of Islamic Economics and Finance have two different activities. At first, Fakhry assigned at the deputy head of the Republic of Indonesia representative of Indonesia while Hadi assigned in the Education and Culture Attache. But this placement was temporary because in the second week they would be transferred to the Economic Function and Trade Attache to suit the background of each Study Program. The division of tasks is relatively almost the same. Still, there are several different activities, such as the Education and Culture Attache. Batik chose as one of the diplomatic activities. Both of them were active in making daily activity reports, official notes, inputting data into excel or word. But mostly searching for the latest issues regarding COVID-19 that deals with Economy and Trade between Indonesia and the Philippines, or work according to the limits that can be done by internship participants or Field Work Practices (PKL).

The purpose of this international internship activity is to increase knowledge and insight on the economy and diplomacy in ASEAN, especially cooperation between Indonesia and the Philippines. Programs such as introducing or promoting Indonesian culture to encourage the tourism sector in Indonesia, which is relatively well-developed and ogled by foreign tourists, especially Sharia tourism. 

Besides that, the IEKI students also studied the existence of Islamic Financial Institutions (Banks and Non-Banks) that are developing in the Philippines, where the majority of people are Roman Catholics. Internees also provide counselling or material regarding the importance of Islamic Economics to the local staff or home staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Manila.

This internship program is expected to be an experience that can drive academic and non-academic achievements of Islamic Economics and Finance Study Program Students. (Contributor: Hadi Kostaman & Fakhry, Editor: Rida & Juliana, Translator: Muhammad Azka Muharam)