Arabic Education of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Performs International Community Service in Egypt

Bandung, UPI

The Arabic Education Study Program of UPI performed international community service in Cairo, Egypt from July 16th 2019 to September 18th 2019. This program was attended by 13 students and lasted around 2 months. Before heading off to Egypt, the students were briefed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Partnerships, Prof. Dr. Didi Sukyadi, M.A.

While in Egypt the students involved in the Community Service program carried out various activities, namely: participating in the lughoh wal quran dauroh program at the ma’had mu’allimil qur’an; introducing Indonesian culture such as the introduction of angklung instruments for Egyptians and Indonesian citizens residing in Egypt. The main highlight of this program is the angklung senior stage in front of Egyptians and Indonesian citizens in Egypt on the Eid al-Adha Day in the Assalam Mosque in the city of Hay ‘Asyir alongside the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, introducing  traditional batik clothes by wearing them every Wednesday, and explaining them to the Egyptians;


Meanwhile, the community service students were also involved in focus group discussions (FGD) with Indonesian Students and Student Elders in Cairo discuss current education issues in Indonesia and Egypt. In addition, these students organized IALF “International Arabic Language Forum” Activities.

The other activities were introducing Indonesian specialties for Egyptians and bringing Indonesian specialties such as: rendang, bala-bala, musthofa, fritters, jengkol stews, meatballs, seblak, fruit soup, fried rice, contributing to teaching at local dinniyah schools, while introducing Indonesian children’s games, actively participating in the ceremony on August 17 at the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo.

Finally, before heading back to Indonesia, they played sports (futsal) with Egyptian students and to ensure that the Community Service Program runs smoothly, a visitation was also carried out while completing the program. Present at the closing ceremony were Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Dr. M.Solehuddin, M.A., M.Pd., (Azka Muharam)