World Class University Program: Songkla Rajabhat University Visit and Comparative Study

Bandung, UPI

Representatives from Songkla Rajabhat University, Thailand visited UPI, Wednesday, September 11t 2019. This official visit was intended to establish close cooperation with Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in the field of tertiary education. Accepted at the Partere Rectorate Building, they discussed issues concerning teaching practices, research, and community services with UPI’s academics. Songkla Rajabhat University, one the oldest universities in Southern Thailand, has several departments similar to UPI such as Physical Education, Special Needs Education, and English Language. .

President of Songkla Rajabat University, Dr. Niwat Klinngam was interested to start collaborating with UPI in the forms of visiting professors, visiting scholars, student exchanges, as well as joint research and publications. At the end of the discussion, the President invited UPI’s academics to participate in the Prince Songkla’s celebration Festival in Thailand.

Initially, he came to Bandung because he was invited by the Indonesian consulate in Songkla and did not have clear plans of what to do here. Dr. Klinngam was very thankful to UPI for welcoming and treating him with warm hospitality. It turns out that he could visit UPI and learn that he had to strengthen the cooperation between UPI and Songkla Rajabhat University. (Azka Muharam)