Department of Music Education UPI Class of 2017 Held #KONSERDIRUMAHAJA

Bandung, UPI

Since the social distancing policy is available due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), various parties carry out various activities including working and learning from their homes. Especially when the extension of Covid-19’s emergency period is carried out, daily routine activities become limited.

However, it turns out that this did not hamper the creativity of students from the Department of Music Education UPI class of 2017 (Sekar17), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) to do a concert.

This concert was initiated to express the empathy of the students towards our country that was hit by a deadly plague. The concert, titled #konserdirumahaja, is a combination of many videos of students singing and playing music. In this concert, Ibu Pertiwi by Ismail Marzuki was presented. The song was chosen because it is considered the most representative of the state of Indonesia and the world today.

This concert was aired via the IGTV channel (Instagram TV) through the account @senimusik2017. This video can be watched through this link, click here!

This concert was directed by M. Rayi Aqshal N, assisted by Aditya Pratama as the music and video editor. This concert got citizens’ attention to the point of many comments praising the performance. This concert was also presented as a concrete effort to support the government’s policy to carry out self-quarantine in their homes, as well as support for medical officers and volunteers during the Covid-19 emergency period. Through this concert too, many prayers and hopes were offered so that the Covid-19 case would end soon. “Get well soon, Motherland,” said Rake Amar F. With the emergence of creativity in this emergency, this can trigger the spirit of the nation to keep working in emergencies and remain strong in the face of trials. (JN)