UPI Care of COVID-19 By Producing Hand Sanitizers

Bandung, UPI

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of many people around the world. The education world also requires its leaders to carry out policies including limiting activities on their campuses to avoid the spread of this pandemic. In the development of this case, the Rector of UPI issued a policy related to social distancing based on an appeal from the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Culture to conduct Work From Home (WFH). UPI conducted a lockdown on all campus activities dated March 23, 2020.

This policy did not dampen UPI’s academic community in carrying out the Tri Darma of Higher Education functions in the form of community service. This very noble activity was carried out by Mrs. Dr. Yatti Sugiarti, M.P. who cares about this outbreak (26/03/2020). In the ‘lockdown’ campus conditions by asking for permission from the Dean she produces hand sanitizers. In its production, assisted by a laboratory assistant FPTK Agro-Industry Study Program. The production is based on his concern about the scarcity of hand sanitizers on the market.

Initially, the production of hand sanitizers was made with the 130 ml packaging. According to Yatti how to make it is actually easy, “If on a 1-liter basis that is mixing 840 ml of 95% alcohol with 45 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 15 ml of glycerol and then diluted with distilled water to 1-liter volume. Add essential oil as a fragrance. We added lemon oil as a fragrance.”

This production was carried out because she was concerned about hand sanitizers that are pricey on the market. Actually, the process is very simple, anyone can make it according to the standards of WHO and PBPOM according to Yatti, who is also the chairperson of the Agro-Industry Study Program.

In the present time, the size of the product is larger, 250 ml and the size of the jerry can packaging. Until now the product is still made specifically for this plague situation. We make this product because of the current conditions that are in dire need of a hand sanitizer, she said. There are also many requests from outside, but until now they have not been fulfilled. While this only produces for the UPI environment. One obstacle faced is also due to difficulties in obtaining its ingredients. Easily what has been done is a trigger for other UPI lecturers to care about the conditions being faced by the Indonesian people today. (HS)