DKV & FTV UPI: Field Study, and Taking Part in Yogyakarta Grand Art Event

Yogyakarta, DKV & FTV FPSD UPI

One of important phase in maturation process of a new study program in field of art and design is carrying out a field study to some relevant institutes to require the up to date information about the development of technology, industry, human resources, and recent issues in art and design or creative industry. According to chief of DKV FPSD UPI, Dr. Nanang Ganda Prawira, M.Sn., “field study is quite important for scholars in developing their knowledge through direct and realistic observation. For DKV and FTV Students, field study comes to be an integral part of curriculum implementation, to make students understand the up to date development of optimum design and technology. Having field study to peer colleges would also become a comparative study and inspiration for students in exploring problems and its design solution”.

Through that activities, the pioneer (new) study program will also be more capable in recognizing and mapping the need, demand, as well as program outcome by view of academic, society/ consumer, and graduate user of industry.

Departing from that notion, Visual Communication Design along with Film and Television study program, Faculty of Art and Design Education, Indonesia University of Education is continually setting the agendas to have field study to some institutes related to study program. After having some previous visitations, field studies, and partnerships to some institutes and industries around Bandung, today DKV and FTV is widening their network to some institutes existing around Yogyakarta, such us STSRD VISI, STMM and ISI Yogyakarta. However, in this chance the lecturer team is also inviting their 57 students in this visitation. Beside to get them involved in friendship meeting, witnessing the inter-organization partnership plan and MoU signing, the students also have a chance to get involve in a discussion about study management and organization, and vacancy one can have after study, with the host lecturers and students.

This field study agenda is deliberately set in a very strategic date, that is 19 to 21 of August 2019, where this date coincides with short semester (SP) that student has contracted, also it is coincides with a great art event in Yogyakarta, ‘Artjog’. Therefore, this field study is set also to be a final field assignment for students who contracted SP, especially in the subject of Communication Theory and Visual Culture, which should be done through observing and appreciating contemporary art works displayed in Artjog Event which is located in Museum Nasional Jogja, Jalan Prof Ki Amri Yahya nomor 1, Gampingan, Pakuncen, Wirobraja.

These final assignment and field study are being one of implementation of learning innovation where the students can directly observe the up to date condition of art and design working world. Thus, they can broaden their knowledge empirically about the working environment that they might be going to face in the near future.

(By: Irwan Sarbeni. Photo by: Engga Arga Kusuma)