Labschool management system sharing event between UPI and UNESA

Bandung, UPI

Dra. Endah Purnomowati Nurhasan, M.Pd as chief of the Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA) paid a visit to the BPS (Badan Pengelola Sekolah) Labschool UPI office, Thursday (12/09/2019). The visit was intended as an opportunity for a comparative study and a sharing session among Labschool managers.

The matters discussed at the meeting were regarding the discussion of the Labschool management system between UPI and UNESA.

“This meeting intended as a sharing medium; how do we manage our school. It seems that between UPI and UNESA we have a lot in common, we are also facing the same problems that we hope can be managed together.” Said Eri Kurniawan, M.A., Ph.D, an UPI academic accompanying the President of UPI.

Sekolah Laboratorium Percontohan is a school institution consisting of a kindergarten (TK), an elementary (SD), a junior high (SMP), and a high school (SMA). It is located and managed under a state university (LPTK) institute that organizes Teacher Professional Education programs (PPG). Now, this program held at 12 state universities.

In addition to the school management system, this meeting also discussed the problems faced by each institution.

“Since there has been a division between the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education on Univesity level and the Ministry of Education and Culture, the problem that every Labschool institutions facing is the unclear status of the Labschool. Labschool is a school that is managed under a university level, while the administration of the teaching staff or the principal is in the domain of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This matter creates confusion not only for the staff of the school but also us the state university.” He added.

Further explained, not only did two universities experience this problem, but also 10 other state universities are facing the same problem. Both UPI and UNESA now are hoping that the government will provide a definite solution to this problem. (Ghina Aulia Saffanah)