New Partnership of DKV and FTV UPI in Creative Industry

  Bandung, UPI

Department of Visual Communication Design, along with the Department of Film and Television (DKV and FTV) FPSD UPI and SMK Sumatra 40 visited some creative industry workshops existing around Bandung. This visitation was held on the behalf of ‘Field Study and Industrial Cooperation’ in purpose to extend the co-partner of DKV and FTV UPI, surveying work-process of design, and discovering new sights about the opportunity and challenge in design field context through the direct presentation of its practitioner or expert based on their own perspective and experience. Visitation agenda took place respectively from FABLAB, CMYK to NUSAEDU.

At the first agenda, the field study team of DKV and FTV UPI visited FABLAB and met the laboratory’s crews which consisted of expert, designer, and operator. The team took this first moment to have an open discussion with laboratories all about 3D Printing equipment, laser cutting, the technology coming in it, and work products which displayed at all over the lab. Joseph King Wiharjo as one of International FABLAB network facilitator described in his presentation about the history of FABLAB’s establishment in Bandung, opportunity and challenge of creative industry that based on 3D printing. Within the discussion session of his closing presentation, King stated that he will pleasurely open the opportunity of having workshop or internship program for design students who might interest to deepen 3D modelling and 3D printing, or any other possible learning model. In this opportunity DKV and FTV UPI strengthened their partnership plan by signing the MoU with the FABLAM management.

The next visit was to CMYK. In a workshop’s mini tour with one of the crew there, the team was invited to see some printing process such as book, poster, and alike, from the pre-production to its finishing. Irwan, the CMYK printing operator, described the elements and activities that commonly carried out at these printing workspaces with each its functions, such as minor scale printing that is carried at the first room, cropping and its cutting technology at the second room, and large scale printing processed at the third room.

The last visit was headed up to animation studio NUSAEDU at Surpati Core business park. With Irvan SP as the speaker as well as NUSAEDU Founder, the team had the public lecture under the discourse of animation field complexity, obstacles we should have gone through to be an animator, modeler or alike, animation progress in Indonesia and abroad, and career opportunities as well as the benefit we could achieve as an animator. As of in the first visitation, the public lecture ended up with open discussion and MoU designation of partnership program between DKV UPI, FTV, and NUSAEDU by Dr. Nanang Ganda Prawira, M.Sn. (Irwan Sarbeni)