Pre-Departure Orientation PPL-LN SILN 2020

Bandung, UPI

              On February 14, 2020, UPI sends 30 participants for Program PPL Luar Negeri Sekolah Indonesia Luar Negeri (PPL-LN SILN). Before departure, the participant undergoes a pre-departure orientation to check and prepare the participant’s knowledge before heading to their destination country.

Sekolah Indonesia Luar Negeri or Indonesian Foreign Schools (SILN) are schools established by the Ministry of National Education. These schools are under the management of the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) or the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI). These schools use the education system and curriculum used in Indonesia. Each school has different characteristics due to adaptation to the local culture. The participants will participate as a teacher in these schools for two months, and the subjects taught are following the participant’s expertise.

“This program is one way to introduce international experiences to our students.” Said Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D., The Head of Office of International Education and Relations (OIER) on his welcome remarks. The students not only have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class but also learning to adapt to new environments and cultures.

The orientation is given by Section Head of International Program Implementation of OIER UPI, Cep Ubad Abdullah, M.Pd. Some topics presented regarding flight and airport issue, security & health, financial, preparation, local research, electronics, luggage and packing, and also cultural hospitality. He also shared some experience and tips and tricks that might be helpful for all the participants. (Ghina Aulia Saffanah)