Single Candidate Wins Students Executive Board Election (BEM) at UPI Serang Campus

Serang, UPI

The General Election Commissions (KPU) opened the registration of candidates for Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of BEM since December last year. But no pair has registered until the closing date. Ghefira (PGSD 2019) as the Chairperson of the KPU UPI Serang Campus also clarified this matter. The KPU also re-opened the registration of candidates for Chair and Deputy Chair of BEM two to three times. Finally, after several attempts, one couple registered as a candidate for the Student Executive Board.

Located in the Hall of the UPI Serang Campus on Thursday (27/20) there was a declaration from the pair of candidates for the chairman of the Student Executive Board (BEM). Riska Mahira (PGSD 2017) and Farah Firdiarahma (PGPAUD 2017) as prospective chairman and vice chairman candidate.

“Our current achievement has been through a long process. Starting from conflicts that occurred, how we manage to deal with the process and achieve our goal. It is indeed not an easy task, moreover, this has become a new history at UPI Serang. Apart from just a single candidate pair verified and as a woman, this will be a new thing.” said Riska.

Many people debated that the candidates for BEM chairpersons are a woman and this has become a sensitive matter. This issue followed by a social media account which is said to be in the name of UPI who refused to have women as students leaders. Even though it is the only candidate pair that has been verified, it does not mean that Riska and Farah will win easily. Nevertheless, they try to be confident whatever the outcome will be. This kind of enthusiasm is very much needed during a leadership crisis. It is not about the quality, but the willingness to advance student organizations still needs better direction and guidance in the future.

Rifyan Firdaus (PGSD 2016) as the Chairperson of BEM UPI Campus Serang stated his expectations that the current Chairperson must be better than the previous generations. More optimal in devoting themselves to the campus, especially as a student representative. (Lilis / Hesti / Tressa / Keke, Kamda Serang)