UPI Lecturers Helps Preventing COVID-19

Bandung, UPI

An extraordinary event needs serious handling and concern from various parties. COVID-19 attracted enough attention for both the policyholder and the academic community, especially in the UPI environment. After the establishment of the UPI COVID-19 Standby Task Force, an online-based health consultancy assistance was also established for the academic community, especially for UPI students. The handling of students is prioritized because some students are unable to return to their hometowns, in addition to financial constraints, there is also an appeal not to return home so that no more widespread virus spread occurs.

This is the reason for students not to go home. This hotline service is intended for an early response for the academic community who experience symptoms of this outbreak. Services at UPI clinics are automatically terminated because UPI terminates activities in the campus environment so that this hotline is an alternative to health services for the academic community. This service is made to provide first aid in this case if symptoms occur. The volunteers in this health service consisted of 3 people, namely Dr. Riksma Akhlan from the PKh FIP department, Dr. Ikbal from Jurursan PJKR and Dr. Nur Faizah from PG PAUD FIP, all of whom are lecturers at UPI.

According to Dr. Riksma, one of the volunteer lecturers at this task force stated that “The service is done online via Whatsapp (WA), we try to help answer complaints related to ARI (upper respiratory tract infection) with fever and symptoms of weakness and headaches. If these mild symptoms occur it is recommended that all remain at home. Then observation 14 days a day by doing independent isolation and maintaining PHBS (clean healthy lifestyle). If anyone has symptoms at home you should wear a mask so that it is not transmitted to other members of the house”.

According to the lecturer in the Department of Special Education (PKh) FIP, that there are several students conducting consultations, per day there are around 3-4 people. Besides students, several lecturers also consulted when experiencing symptoms of this disease.

Activities carried out by volunteers who are also doctors have a very positive contribution in anticipating the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to providing health services, health education is also carried out in the form of information on prevention and prevention that is posted on the UPI website, so that UPI residents will be better prepared and aware of the COVID 19 pandemic. It is also hoped that health education can take advantage of more interactive media. Hopefully with this sincere dedication can help in overcoming the plague that is sweeping the world, especially in educational institutions in Indonesia. (HS)