Research in Educational Semiotics: Possibilities and Challanges

Bandung, UPI

Dr. Lim Fei Victor of National Institute of Education (NIE) from Singapore gave a lecture at FPBS (Faculty of Language and Literature Education) of UPI on Thursday (3/10/2019). He brought up a topic of ‘Researching Educational Semiotics: Possibilities and Challenges’. He believed that the world is changing, and the way we taught our children about literacy should be changed: from alphabet literacy to a multimodal one.

In the lecture, Dr. Lim covered a broad range of topics, starting from the theoretical framework of his Multimodal research to possible research areas within Educational Semiotics field. He stated that Multimodal research has been greatly influenced by the work of Michael Halliday, an influential linguist from England, who developed Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG). SFG states that language is a meaning-making resource (semiotic system), and we make meaning (semiosis act) through many medium/mode (semiotic mode). Thus, Multimodal refers to the act of making meaning through the use of two or more different mode (picture, text, video, sounds, etc.), which is quite general phenomenon in the globalization and Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. Therefore it is important to teach our children how to understand how Multimodal works to create meaning.

He then continued to talk about the areas of research which can help teacher to teach Multimodal literacy to children in classes. Dr. Lim discussed five possible areas of research: Multimodal Literacy, Multimodal Classroom Orchestration, Multimodal Knowledge Representation, Multimodal Discourse Analysis and Approach, and Multimodal Digital Learning. The purpose of this line of research, he said, is to help and encourage educator to make more intentional use or orchestration of semiotic resource in class to build a better learning experience for students.

Dr. Lim concluded his research with a note on how interesting the development of the field was due to technological advancement. With a lot of research now involved in analyzing big data, technology is needed now more than before in the field of Multimodal research, he said. Dr. Lim closed his lecture with an encouragement for every researcher to pursue their research until it is published. (Text/Photo: Luthfi Variant)